About Us

At Mitwa TV, we aim to entertain the desis. To do justice with our cultural representation, we strive to change and grow the paradigm of desi regional media. Afterall, we are the biggest fans of relevant entertainment.We are India's first Bhojpuri OTT channel. We want to be the voice of more than 160 million Bhojpuri speaking peoplespread across India, Nepal, Fiji, Trinidad, Singapore, Holland and UK Mitwa TV is an initiative by a team of senior media professionals, who continue to transform the regional and national media and entertainment sector.

Spirit of Mitwa TV
The spirits of Mitwa TV are the core values of it. It is about who we are and about our character. These spirits are deeply rooted in the essence of Mitwa TV. We embrace what we aspire to be, and that is:

Being passionate about our work.

Being determined to entertain the viewers.

Being creative yet responsible.

 Respect every human being.

Know our Core Team
 Raghwesh Asthana- Managing Director

He is the Co-founder of Mitwa TV. He is an eminent name in the Media Circles.Raghwesh Asthana is credited with creative experience of over three decades. Trained under legendary film directors Shri K Balachander and Shri T Rama Rao, Raghwesh has
been on senior positions with UTV, Star Vijay, Radaan Media Works. He has also been the CEO of many regional entertainment and news channels including Mahua.  He has a unique quality of identifying the like-minded people and bringing the best out of them. He has led the team in a prolific way.

 Avinash Raj –Chief Executive Officer

 Avinash Raj is also the Co-founder of the company. He is a well-known name in the event industry. He is a business excellence award achiever of the year 2014. Furthermore, he has also won Global Quality award in the year 2015. He has worked with various organizations including Zee Group, Sadhna Group, Mahuaa TV, etc. He is committed to provide content that are family oriented and has the capacity to keep the whole family hooked together.His resourcefulness and aspiring words motivates the team to bring the best to the table.

 RiteshKunwar– Director

He is the renowned name in the Television industry. RiteshKunwar has over two decades of experience, accolades, national and international awards to his credits. He has created some widely appreciated ON Air Designs, Motion Graphics, AD Films, TV Promos, Fictional Stories, etc. Ritesh’s experience and creative input exponentially increases the quality and the credibility of the content. His professionalism binds the team together.
What do we offer ?
Being a regional OTT platform, it is our responsibility to cater content that justifies our core values. Acknowledging that, we offer:

 Multitude of famous regional cinemas and series.

The right Bhojpuri cinema has the ability to flick the right emotional nerves. We render wide varieties of movies that make a positive impression over our consumers.

Arrays of songs;

Devotional as well as Cinematic. Our vast collection of songs can make you spiritually alert as well as make you thump on the beats. Along with the beats and the booms of Bhojpuri songs, we cater the other genres as well.

We will live stream several regional and national news channels.

Our platform is a one stop junction for the regional content consumer. Along with the cinemas and the songs, we will also be live streaming news channels.